AL Practitioner Certification

AL Practitioner

The Practitioner Certification demonstrates your skill and ability in facilitating and designing effective Accelerated Learning based programs in your discipline. The programs offered by IAALP accredited Trainers include all key content areas, valuable learning experiences, time to reflect, and plenty of opportunities for skill building, feedback and personal development.

As an IAALP certified practitioner, you will be invited to present at the annual conference, have access to our coaches as you continue your learning journey, and be eligible for our Best Practices series. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the global community of certified Accelerated Learning Practitioners!


You can be certified as an IAALP AL Practitioner if you  fulfill the following criteria:

  • You have successfully completed a 120 hour Practitioner Certification program with an accredited IAALP AL Trainer.
  • We have confirmed your successful completion with the list automatically provided by your trainer.
  • You have paid your certification fee of $25.00. Please use the PayPal button.

Application Process

Scan and email your certificate from an accredited IAALP Accelerated Learning Trainer to IAALP, and include your mailing address.

Make sure that the certificate includes the content of the program on the back! If not, please include the content of the program and the time you spent in training.

Pay the fee of $25 for the certificate, postage and handling.