IAALP - Vision and Mission

IAALP builds on the work of two prior organizations – SALT (the Society of Suggestive-Accelerative Learning and Teaching) founded by Professors Donald Schuster and Charles Gritton at Iowa State University in 1975, and IAL (the International Alliance for Learning), the professional organization for Accelerated Learning that was a home and important community for Accelerated Learning practitioners worldwide until it was dissolved by the then board in early 2013. The foundation built by those organizations and the people who led them provides a solid basis for building the capacity of teachers, instructional designers, trainers and facilitators worldwide to create learning programs that have real impact on peoples’ lives and ability to learn, grow and develop.

At IAALP, you will find a renewed focus on how to enhance and accelerate the learning process and support needed change and transformation. You will find a roadmap to guide learning practitioners in ensuring results and sustained learning and change in participants’ lives at work and home and be a part of creating more effective and efficient processes in support of learning as new knowledge and experience becomes available. To make it easier to share learning and co-create the future of learning and development, we have also refined our focus and our processes. We hope to provide a forum for a vibrant community of practice in which each person can develop themselves further, find answers to their questions, share valuable resources, and contribute to the field of learning and development.


We envision a community of people who are learning and change agile, and who are able to attain their full potential, contribute to their world and lives through their abilities, and who continuously grow and develop.

Our logo reflects our philosophy. The spiral symbolizes the learning process, which is a continuous journey of emotional and intellectual growth. We know that learning is a path we create for ourselves that can always be revisited. Each time we come back, the learning becomes deeper and more transformational, and we gain new perspective and insight. Such learning guides us on our path to wisdom and enables us to draw from our innermost potential.


IAALP exists to develop the capacity of people and organizations worldwide to design and successfully implement Accelerated Learning programs and strategies that enable all human beings to achieve their highest potential. The organization realizes these goals through networking, coaching, certification, and providing practitioners with a forum in which they can share their knowledge, learn together, improve their practice and discipline as they develop their craft.

  • Certification: IAALP supports a rigorous certification process to promote the development of learning practitioners who can transform learning by making it joyful, meaningful and effective for everyone.
  • Education: IAALP provides a forum for members to share their experience, knowledge, beliefs and values, and their resources and materials with one another. This happens through the website, on conference calls, in workshops and conferences as well as in the support of both regional and international chapters.
  • Publishing: IAALP creates a continuous learning forum by creating, publishing and distributing its body of knowledge on its website and in journals, books, articles, newsletters and brochures.
  • Standards: IAALP maintains the highest standards of AL design and facilitation practice. Because learning is a never-ending process, we also integrate new developments in learning theory and practice into our body of knowledge and certification practice as new information becomes available.