Certification Committee

The certification committee of IAALP builds on the work of the International Alliance for Learning (IAL) in the US and the DGSL (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Suggestopädisches Lehren und Lernen) in Germany. In addition to reviewing certification documents at levels 1-3, the committee also offers coaching and mentoring to aspiring Accelerated Learning practitioners at all levels. With the board and the members at large, the committee will also provide focus and direction for the design and development of innovative practices and approaches to instructional design and facilitation.

Certification and quality standards are important, but if they are not constantly revisited and renewed, they simply become standards with mediocre quality. With the help of this community of practice, we intend to continue learning personally and organizationally to provide the best possible guidance and support for Accelerated Learning practitioners everywhere.

Karen Gentry-Sizemore, M.Ed.

Karen has been an Accelerated Learning(AL) practitioner for over 18 years. Her career has included teacher, curriculum developer, educational and corporate consultant. She is a certified Trainer through IAL/IAALP and has served as a board member for the International Alliance for Learning (IAL). As part of her career at American Airlines, Karen led an AL curriculum design team that won the ASTD “Excellence in Practice” award. She moved on to Baker Concrete Construction as Director of Learning where she developed and implemented an Accelerated Learning ESL program.

Karen is currently CEO of Learning Elements LP, training and consulting, providing customized ESL training, as well as AL certification workshops that include curriculum design and teacher training for educators and corporations globally.

Elsy Nettel

Elsy is a Mexican citizen with a degree in Psychology from the UIA and a MBA from ITESM with over 15 years of experience in Human Resources, Organizational Development and the design and Implementation of adult learning processes.

Since 2003, she has been General Manager of SBS, a consulting and training company that works with clients to develop their people and optimize their processes. SBS has worked with more than 60,000 participants in 15 countries, facilitating more than 400,000 hours in Accelerated Learning based programs.

Elsy continues to build her capacity through training and certification in educational institutions and associations in Europe, United States, Latin America and Mexico, such as USD (University of San Diego), Newfield Consulting (Ontological Coaching), Huthawaite (Spin Sales), Ned Hermann (Brain Dominance), Ruben Bar-on (EQ and PEQ meter) and IAL/IAALP (Level III Trainer for Accelerated Learning certification).

She strongly believes that we can change the world by developing peoples’ talent, hence she works everyday to improve, enrich and make the lives of individuals and teams happier, more successful and more fulfilling.

Gail Heidenhain

Gail has been an Accelerated Learning practitioner for over 30 years, has served on the boards of the DGSL, the German association for Accelerated Learning, IAL, the former US organization for Accelerated Learning, SEAL, the English board for Accelerated Learning and OCA, the Organizational Change Alliance. She designed the English (EFL) program and was the lead facilitator for the research study on the effectiveness of Accelerated Learning at the University of Munich, sponsored by Siemens in 1992. Gail designed and currently facilitates ASTD's advanced certificate program in Accelerated Learning. She spearheaded the development of the three levels of AL certification currently recognized worldwide - first in Germany (1991), then in the US (2001). Gail's work includes the training and certifying of learning practitioners globally in Accelerated Learning (30+ years), facilitating AL based programs in Leadership Development, Intercultural Effectiveness, Personal Mastery, Organizational Change and Development, Process Facilitation, and Coaching (20+ years). Gail consults with organizations, both profit and non-profit, to help them design learning initiatives, strategies and programs that have real impact in peoples' lives and in their organizations.

Gail was president of the German AL organization (DGSL) for 8 years, for IAL in the US for 8 years, and is currently Board Chair of IAALP.