IAALP is a non-profit organization dedicated to the vision of a more effective, more meaningful and more joyful training, teaching and development through the advancement and support of the highest standards in Accelerated Learning research, program design and teacher/trainer development.

IAALP activities (will) include:

  • National conferences - our first Fall 2014 in Houston
  • Opportunities to network with colleagues from around the world
  • Support for practitioners on their journey to becoming certified as IAALP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and Trainers
  • Members only pages on our website with resources, an opportunity to share and learn from one another, teleconferences, and more to come based on your input!
  • Guidelines and resources for Accelerated Learning practitioners (Materials to download)
  • Partnerships with sister organizations around the world to share learning and resources to help improve the quality of learning for everyone.

Your member contribution goes a long way to enable the maintenance of the website, the payment of the fees for the various services we (will) offer and to enable the volunteers who donate their services and time to support the spread of AL by making phone calls, and producing information and materials to ultimately assist you in your important work.

What’s in it for you?

We are hard-pressed to find just one all-encompassing member benefit.  IAALP will be many things to many people.  For one person, it is important to be a part of, and support an important movement; for another it is all about the social aspect of meeting people at conferences, networking with others, and participating in dialogues that enhance   personal and professional development; others enjoy the discounts and special offers for members. Below you will see some of the many member benefits.

  1. Support the AL Movement 
    Revolutionize learning practices to be more joyful, meaningful and transformative using Accelerated Learning facilitation, teaching and instructional design techniques.
  2. Networking
    Find and communicate with colleagues from your geographical area and field of experience.
  3. Save Money
    Members profit from substantial discounts in Conference Fees, Chapter Workshops and regional events, Certification Courses (Delphin, Inc., Learning Elements (10% off for IAALP members) - others to come, offerings of sister organizations abroad (DGSL, MyALP, others to come soon)
  4. Utilize Free Resource Materials
    Access the (former) JALT Research journals, games, sayings, relaxation texts etc.
  5. Certification
    Level I, II and III certifications including discounts on certification training and support for your learning journey
  6. Mentoring Projects
    Get materials, coaching, support and help with projects from experienced IAALP members.
  7. Free Advertising
    Advertise your seminars, workshops, training in the IAALP calendar on the IAALP website's public pages